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Founder & Head of Accounts

In 2015, I started Get Heard Marketing after helping a colleague create an online presence for their local contracting service. I began by learning a few programming languages and their uses. While doing so, my fascination and love for web design and lead generation began. I'll never forget the first time I got to experience the intense feeling of euphoria that came after seeing a business owner react to the results my work achieved.


Creative Director

The relationship between ridged structure and fluid design has always been such a happy place for me. It's a matter of successfully taking two things that require opposite approaches and weaving them together to create something beautiful.



"The guys over at Get Heard Marketing are no joke! They ran the ad campaigns and SEO on my website. My website traffic tripled just 3-4 weeks after they got to work. I'm extremely satisfied with the services they've offered me."                       ~Jason Tillman

"I hired Get Heard Marketing 2 months ago to handle the promotion of the blog I was starting. They went above and beyond for me and over delivered on their promises."               ~Nikki Zamora

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